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Elevate your daily notes and reflections with SSEVEN's matte hardcover journal, adorned with Amy Choi's Knotted. Measuring 5.75"x8", each journal houses 150 lined pages for your thoughts. The journal's matte finish ensures a timeless look.

The feeling of ‘otherness’ – the looming anxiety of not quite belonging is one that many immigrants confront at some point. No matter how deep our roots run, we are identified as different because of our skin, our foods, the lessons we have been taught by the generations ahead of us. And yet, returning to where we once came from, we find that we aren’t quite a part of there either. The knot in your stomach grows with every year you distance yourself from your home country, trying to assimilate to a place that you worry will never fully accept you as theirs. (Amy Choi, 2023)